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Location: United Kingdom / Kent

Year Of Manufacture: 2013

Mileage: 10 mil / 17 km


  • Year Of Manufacture: 2013
  • Mileage: 10 mil / 17 km
  • Car Type: Custom
  • Drive: N/A
  • Condition: Used
  • Interior Colour: Black
  • Number Of Doors: 2
  • Number Of Seats: 2
  • Location: United Kingdom / Kent
  • Exterior Colour: Green
  • Gearbox: N/A
  • Performance: 380 PS
  • Drivetrain: N/A
  • Fuel Type: Petrol


Here we have the sale of my ZCars Mini powered by a Honda Civic Type R Supercharged K20 engine, it's a fantastic road legal track day animal that has to be driven to be believed.

This vehicle cost over £56,000 to build (have the receipts to prove this) Original Build By ZCars in their factory.

As you may have guessed from the reg number it was registered on March 1st 2013 (M*13***). Every part of this car is new bar from the engine. I have wrote a little spec list but this was only half of it. This car uses a bit of Zcars race frame and the Monte Carlo frame making this a full tube chassis.

Engine / gearbox K20A Honda engine with the original Honda Type R gearbox. Engine and box strip down ate clean and paint and parts that it needs it has e.g. seals clutch etc 6 speed. Jackson racing supercharger

Steering / Suspension and Frame Zcars race frame with a Zcars Monte Carlo front frame which is an upgrade powered coat in in pearl white. Original mini steering rack. IVA steering column. Olins triple-adjustable suspension all round. blade-adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars. Front double wishbones with alloy hubs and uprights. MK1 rear trailing arms which are a work of arm. Zcars alloy hubs and alloy uprights.

Wheels and Tyres (f) 7x13 Image alloys; (R) 8x13 Image alloys
Front Brakes Williwood padel box. Williwood four pot calipers on Z-cars discs and caliper brackets. 280mm vented and drilled front discs. Green braided brake lines.

Rear Brakes Williwood four-pot calipers 265mm vented and drilled rear discs. Sierra rear calipers for the hand brake. Green braided brake lines.

Body Z-Cars glass fibre body shell featuring lift-off rear section to allow engine access. A fully lift-off front section painted in a one off green. Perspex side windows. heated glass windscreen. Carbon fibre/glass fibre and alloy doors (featuring original Mini door handles). Lift-off carbon fibre boot lid. Roof. Bonnet. MK1 carbon fibre grill. nbsp; original Mini lights and windscreen wipers.

Interior Kilkey aluminium seats powered coated pearl white with Kilkey black covers. White willans 4 point harness. DigiDash instrument pod. Integral roll cage running under body's roof an down A- and C- pillars also incorporating seat mounting and a centre console. Carbon fibre dash and door cards.

This is basically a race car no creature comforts it’s loud it’s not particularly comfortable but it’s very stupidly fast.

Previous owner told me it had 380 bhp and it weighs 620kg I have no reason to doubt this.

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