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Location: United Kingdom / London

Year Of Manufacture: 1968

Mileage: 62000 mil / 99780 km


  • Year Of Manufacture: 1968
  • Mileage: 62000 mil / 99780 km
  • Car Type: Station Wagon
  • Drive: N/A
  • Condition: Used
  • Interior Colour: Black
  • Number Of Doors: 0
  • Number Of Seats: 0
  • Location: United Kingdom / London
  • Exterior Colour: Green
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Performance: 61 PS
  • Drivetrain: N/A
  • Fuel Type: Petrol


1968 F Austin Mini Van 848cc in factory Willow Green. Lovely original Mini van with all of its original features like push button floor start, dip switch on the floor, pull cords to open the doors and flashing indicator stalk. This mini van was bought by its previous owner as a restoration project for £6000. It was given to a restoration specialist who have rebuilt it from top to bottom. The job has been done to last and at great expense. The body was acid dipped costing over £1500 so to fully understand the condition of the body. It was then panel by panel carefully restored taking great care on panels gaps and originality.

As a result the doors fit light to the rear wings which is great to see. Instead of restoring items like the doors and the rear doors they bought news ones costing £1900. The body shell is as close to a new van as you will find and when you lift the carpets it is immaculate with no sigs of welding. When it was re-assembled every part that it needed for the job to be correctly done was either cleaned or replaced.

All of the suspension parts and subframes where sent away for power coating. The fuel tank was new as well as all of the brakes, suspension, steering, clutch and the engine and gearbox were rebuilt. The interior was supplied by Newton Commercial which cost over £800. The end result is a close to new minivan in a great colour which drives very well. It has a super quiet engine which you can hardly hear at idol, which starts on the first push of the button. I have a history file which has invoices including the cost of buying and restoring the van for £38,669.38. Free delivery to your door in my curtain sided van within 200 miles of Tiverton.