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Location: United Kingdom / North Yorkshire

Year Of Manufacture: 1970

Mileage: 2285 mil / 3678 km


  • Year Of Manufacture: 1970
  • Mileage: 2285 mil / 3678 km
  • Car Type: Saloon
  • Drive: N/A
  • Condition: Restored
  • Interior Colour: Black
  • Number Of Doors: 2
  • Number Of Seats: 4
  • Location: United Kingdom / North Yorkshire
  • Exterior Colour: Red
  • Gearbox: N/A
  • Performance: 0 PS
  • Drivetrain: N/A
  • Fuel Type: N/A


Overview of the Mini Cooper S

When listing icons of British culture, there is no argument that the Mini stands alongside Big Ben, cups of tea, and rainy days. They are a working class hero, a motorsport legend, and a faithful servant to people all over the world. The overall numbers and variants built prior to the year 2000 are staggering, which makes the Mini Cooper S Mk3 an incredibly rare addition to the line-up. Only 1570 are believed to have been produced in a production run lasting not much longer than a year, prior to British Leyland losing the rights to the ‘Cooper’ name in 1971. However, jumping back a few years, the original concept for the Mini Cooper was approved in 1961 when a prototype by race car builder John Cooper so impressed the original designer, Alec Issigonis. The Mini Cooper S came later in 1963 with an increased power output from a choice of 970cc and 1275cc engines. The 970cc was obviously a lot less popular than the 1275cc car, giving way to only the larger capacity engine from 1965. Both the Mini Cooper and Cooper S went on to achieve massive success in both rallying, and saloon car racing.


This car has been expertly restored in flame red, with a black roof, and 10-inch Minilite wheels. Some original features have been modified to the tastes of the last owner, including the smoothed- out chrome bumpers, mk2 grille, and mk2 badges (although modified to mk3 designation). The interior is resplendent in re-trimmed black vinyl seats, with black vinyl door cards, and black carpets. This Mini includes the dealer fitted radio, and a fetching Moto-Lita John Cooper Steering Wheel. The steering wheel, the engine, and the centre console carry his engraved signature.


This car has been sourced from a collection of some of the greatest cars in automotive history. It was in the possession of the previous owner for 32 years, and restored over 2 years at the beginning of his ownership. The car had already been completely restored during the 1980s, and the odometer returned to 0. However, he purchased the car at 1700 miles and sent it straight to XK Engineering in Coventry for a complete nut and bolt restoration, to re-build it in exactly the way he wanted it. It underwent a complete bare metal respray, all parts were restored or replaced, and the engine and gearbox reconditioned by John Cooper Garages. Since then, it has stood in his collection (akin to an automotive museum) and used only for short journeys, meaning it has covered a mere 600 miles in those 32 years. Our experts at Enso Automotive have inspected and serviced the car, ensuring that once again it’s ready to be driven and enjoyed as a charming staple of the British automotive landscape.