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Phone: +44 7414746046


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Location: United Kingdom / Wales

Year Of Manufacture: 1970

Mileage: 8300 mil / 13358 km


  • Year Of Manufacture: 1970
  • Mileage: 8300 mil / 13358 km
  • Car Type: Saloon
  • Drive: N/A
  • Condition: Used
  • Interior Colour: Black
  • Number Of Doors: 2
  • Number Of Seats: 4
  • Location: United Kingdom / Wales
  • Exterior Colour: White
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Performance: 0 PS
  • Drivetrain: N/A
  • Fuel Type: Petrol



8300 miles on the clock since a full rebuild in 2013
Tax Exempt
MOT until 26th March 2023
Owned since September 2015 and only ever used in dry weather and dry roads
Fresh exterior respray in Ford Diamond White carried out in February 2021


Engine, Gearbox & Fuelling
1598cc 8 Valve E16SE Engine (From 1990 Vauxhall Nova GTE)
4-cylinder Jetronic fuel injection system, Standard ECU, Induction air filter kit
Standard F13 Close Ratio 5 speed gearbox
Rocker Cover reconditioned & new gasket fitted
Bosch High performance Spark Plugs and ignition leads
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Injectors serviced at 7000 miles
10/40w Oil & Filter (Bosch)
Fresh OEM specification gearbox oil
Nova GTE gear linkage
Nova GTE manifold fitted to a classic Mini Sportex single box side exit exhaust
Heavy duty metal gear link
Custom Coolant Bottle

Metro Turbo 4 pot callipers, standard discs and pads
Minifin brake drums on rear
Goodridge hoses all round
Standard Mini handbrake
Brand new Brake Master Cylinder & fresh DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Custom wiring loom, part Vauxhall Loom for compatibility with Nova GTE clocks
075 battery
Large radiator with built in fan
Mini fuse box with all new wiring connectors fitted
Cigarette lighter & USB charger
LED Strip light on switch in boot
Refurbished Wiper Motor – New Carbon brushes, casing zinc plated

Suspension & Steering
Front Hi-Los
Gaz Lowered adjustable front shock absorbers
Gaz Lowered offset adjustable rear coilovers
Reconditioned Front Metro Hub assembly

Custom front Subframe powdercoated black
Lightweight Rear Beam Axle fitted with standard radius arms

Wheels & Tyres
5x 12x5 Black and silver 5 spoke Revolution RFX wheels
2x Dunlop d01j Medium Compound (e marked) – 165/55/12
2x Yokohama A048-R medium compound (e-marked) – 165/55/12
Spare tyre – Falken 165/60/12

De-bumpered bodyshell (prior to my ownership)
New Period Silver raised letters on black alloy number plates
Group 2 rally arches sprayed gloss black rubber edging attached. Arches secured with stainless steel M4 bolts and riv nuts for ease of removal
1275GT styling including door stripes and badges
Mini Clubman Grille in silver and black
Mini Clubman Grille Centre badge
GT Badge on grille – painted in Ford Diamond White paint to match the car
Aftermarket Mk1 Escort front indicator assemblies with new gaskets fitted
New MK2 lights
Custom-made mud flaps
Chrome Aston filler Fuel Cap
Speedwell Petrol Bib
Custom stainless steel fuel pipes running under the car
New Stainless steel mirrors
New Stainless Steel Handles & New Gaskets
New Stainless Steel Wiper Kit
New Stainless steel outer door weather moulding set
Front & rear windscreen replaced in February 2021 (only changed due to scratches)
New Window Seals and Chrome strip insert
New New rear opening ¼ window glass and seals (only changed due to scratches)
New rear opening ¼ window Catches
Chrome twin windscreen washer jets
Mini Clubman bonnet locking pin & spring
Stainless steel locating cup for bonnet pin

Nova GTE clocks - All gauges are functional apart from oil pressure (not connected due to limited space)
Brand new Cobra low-back front seats mounted on Cobra Locking tilt frames (No locking bar present in car)
Brand new Matching rear seat cover
Brand new Optimise Automotive Monte Carlo Door Cards
Brand new Newton Commercial Rear Seat Pocket Liners
Brand new Securon Black Front Inertia Seat Belts
Brand new Stainless interior mirror
Flocked top dash rail
Minivation dash phone holder
Brand new DSN Billet Silver Swing Door Handle Set
Brand new DSN Billet Silver Early Four Switch Panel
Brand new Switches
Black Floor mats, Black carpet with two layers of sound deadening
Brand new Newton Commerical White Headlining
Brand new Steveston Motor Co Acrylic Sunvisors
13” three spoke dished polished Mountney steering wheel and boss
Fitted Black Boot Liner
Standard 7.5-gallon tank
Standard mini heater in perfect working order
Stainless door jam striker plates & door latch covers

Following work carried out in the last 1000 miles:
Reconditioned Front Metro Hub assembly
New Front Mini Metro wheel bearings with high performance grease
New O/ S Outer Mini CV Joint fitted – Purchased from Mini Spares
New N/ S Inner Vauxhall CV Joint
Other Inner and outer CV’s checked, cleaned and re-greased
Rear wheel bearings stripped, checked and re-greased with High Performance grease

Car will come with the following spare engine parts listed below if the price is right:
Bowyer Ultimate 1600 8valve polished & ported head with fitted springs, valves & Ast4r Kent Cam
Twin 40DCOE carburettors
Kent Cams pulley & cam belt
Split manifold
Twin manifold
ITG Motorsport Megaflow twin carb Air filter
Brand new Opel Rocker Cover
(Spare engine parts would set you back around £1500+ alone)

Car has had thousands spent on it over the years keeping it in top condition. It has won several awards over the years (recently top 10 car at UNITY Show). Next owner could continue to use it for static show & shine events or could be a great track day car...or both!

Very reluctant sale but need to put funds towards a house deposit.

Further detailed specification list of the vehicle can be sent along with more detailed photos if genuinely interested (Please no time wasters or tyre kickers)

Price: £17,500 or nearest offer

Listing can be withdrawn anytime as it is advertised elsewhere
Located near Caernarfon, north Wales